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IN TODAY's WORLD WE HAVE " PURE PRICE GOUGING ( PPG ) & GreedFlation NOT INFLATION ! ! " and Everyone is Working For FREE ! ( Do it Yourself ( DYI ) / Prosumers = ZERO COST ECONOMICS ) -- WE PAY ALOT MORE GET SO LITTLE ! -- " LESS HUMANS = MORE MACHINES ( AI ) "

Presently, many levels of labor have been reduced and/or eliminate compared to over 25 years ago ..For example take a look at banking , music records , Robin Hood , Uber , Cell Phones , Making your own food , Theater /Movie Tickets , News papers industry , etc .

Sorry inflation is a big lie & outdated term /method in today's world .

Inflation is also mental virus used to trick people & really to rob families & you too - ; just like - bankruptcy myths for removing student college loan debt. Yet we & others proved them all wrong that bankruptcy used legally & properly - does work successfully.

Prosumers are part of the zero cost economics. Therefore we are all working for free aka DO IT YOURSELF ( DYI )

A prosumer is an individual who both consumes and produces ( ZERO COST ECONOMICS ) . The term is a portmanteau of the words producer and consumer. Research has identified six types of prosumers: DIY prosumers, self-service prosumers, customizing prosumers, collaborative prosumers, monetised prosumers, and economic prosumers.

The prosumer is a “producer” and a “consumer” both simultaneously. Some common examples of prosumers are tech-savvy users who create their own programs, videos, memes, and other content. They are also often the first adopters of new technologies and services, giving valuable feedback to companies in the process. The Prosumer trend has been made possible by the rise of social media and other forms of online content sharing. Prosumer-created content is often seen as more authentic.

Consumer vs Prosumer = Consumers buy a finished product from the market, whereas prosumers are consumers who participate actively in the manufacturing process. In terms of energy, a consumer is someone who consumes power provided by the grid, whereas a prosumer both produces and consumes energy.

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